Die Österreichische Individualisten-Partei


The Austrian Individualists Party



A brief explanation in English



The Austrian Individualists Party was founded around 2014 by Georg Karall.


The Austrian Individualists Party aims to establish freedom.


Life without force - no force carried out by individuals, groups and countries.


The Austrian Individualists Party cares about the personal development of people as well as reducing the force carried out by governments.


We want to become free and do everything ourselves, not including doing it for everybody else. Freedom is not taking other peoples’ properties, health or lives. All of this is misuse of freedom reducing the victims’ freedom. We want freedom for everybody, thus misuse of freedom cannot be meant by us.


We do not want any force in the future any more. We see countries and established political hierarchies as the consequence of war and violence.


This should have never happened due to the sense of justice.


Democracy is the best form of governing by force; still we are not satisfied by democracy. We want freedom. We want to established freedom by following legal democratic rules.


The democratic rules are helpful to us: what we want must be carried by many people. Establishing freedom by force makes no sense. With democratic principles we have a perfect means to measure the amount of people that support our goal. If they are many enough we can set up freedom. Else we have to give in to the other circumstances that come with democratic elections and decisions.


Therefore we are committed to democracy or freedom.


Democracy is not freedom. Democracies today are former authoritarian driven countries whose rulers had established themselves by using force most effectively. Much of democracies still works old authoritarian fashioned. We want to do away with that. We do not mention revolution. That is not necessary any more. With democratic principles freedom can be established completely peaceful today.


We are aware of the fact that law and governments serve a lot – or try to do so – for the sake of the governed people. Technical rules and others are to protect health and lives, so that achievements really improve human life.


If we do away these laws we have to ensure that free people continue to guaranty same standards by themselves. Our wish is that they will do better in future, as they will be lucky to be free. They will be their own government. They will have to take care about security and all other issues by themselves, else they cannot be free. They have to be governed, and they have to pay the government which takes from their work to support itself as well as it establishes rules they have to follow.


Freedom without doubt is an advantage. For freedom people must be ready as well.


Free people are not organized by a government any more; they organize themselves. Free people do not pay taxes. Free people will contribute to public projects so that these can be carried out and will be maintained.


Freedom is the real peace.


The Austrian Individualists-Party is a means to establish freedom step by step. We do not want any losses. We just improve and let be free.


I declare that there are no sacrifices to be made that the better we want comes.



This is the Austrian Individualists Party explained briefly.



DI Georg Karall

2015, Birmingham, UK